How We Do Research at the HQ

After choosing your own personal invisible council members (We suggest to start with about 3-5 members). Then, use our two methods to research, compile a working bibliography, comb through tons of content and create a list of rules to use in your journey. 
Start Here:
Lazy Research Method:
  • Use search engine (Bing, Yahoo, Google) to search for information on invisible council member and other keywords associated with member.
  • HotBot, Webcrawler (we have not use any of these any but we plan to)
  • Best content comes from government research project, university and top organization.
  • Notable sites for further information imdb (movie, magazine, video clips), Wikipedia, and Pinterest (articles, infographics).
  • Compile a working bibliography (list as much as your heart desires) of references that catch your attention ( let your intuition guide you).
  • Create a Schedule.
Active Research Method:
  • After eight hours of sleep, wake up and eat a healthy breakfast ( most important meal of the day). Personally I enjoy eggs, turkey sausages, whole wheat toast, juice (apple, orange) and a tall glass of water. Get dress and pack the necessary (notebook, pens, highlighters, phone, charger, cash, photo ID card, snacks, water, headphones, external battery pack).
  • Go to library 
  • Local, college, university 
  • Take library tour
  • Sign up for library card 
  • Use index system and library database to find books, magazine and other references listed in your own working bibliography.
  • Index (The Magazine Index, Business Periodical, Research Center Directory, Marquis Who’s Who Series, Biography Index)
  • Database (ERIC, EBSCOhost, PsycInfo, Sociofile) 
  • Microfilm
  • Take notes
Bonus Methods:
  • Find an expert speak and/or interview.
  • Conduct surveys.
  • Perform experiment.
Comment below any research method you use. Don’t forget to follow us like and share.