Sunday Funday 6/2/17

Sunday Funday
Each and every Sunday, we share a poem to lighten our soul. Comment your thoughts, short story or any poem you will love to see in a future post. Don’t forget to follow us like and share.
(English Translation)
I who live though I have died, 

Claim a great discovery, 

For last night I verified 

Love is the best remedy. 
When weighed by the cross, a man 

Resolves to die for the right; 

He does all the good he can, 

And returns bathed in the light. 

(Original Spanish Version)
Yo que vivo, aunque me he muerto, 

Soy un gran descubridor, 

Porque anoche he descubierto 

La medicina de amor. 
Cuando al peso de la cruz 

El hombre morir resuelve, 

Sale a hacer bien, lo hace, y vuelve 

Como de un baño de luz.
by Jose Marti


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