Warren Buffett 

The world’s greatest money maker. Evans Davis meets Warren Buffett.

“The school of life is always open. If you’re not learning then you are falling behind.” – Charlie Munger
How he does it?

Invest don’t speculated. (Checklist)

Understand business.

Competitive advantage.

Management team with talent and integrity.

potential for growth.

A price point that make sense. 

You don’t have to diversify.

Be a business owner.

Warren has been buying companies. 

Allocate capital efficiently.

Warren takes profit from one business and uses it to invest in others.

Warren took a Dale Carnegie. He attributes his success to this decision.

Don’t get into debt.

Warren buys insurance companies like Geico. Where he uses the upfront premium payments to invest without having to borrow from large banks.

Think independently.

Break your own rules.

Give it away.

Warren is going to give most of his money to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation when he passes away.


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