Her Touch 

Each and every Sunday, we share a poem to lighten our soul. Today, poem is an original submitted by member @deegtm152 on Instagram and Facebook .Comment your thoughts and any poem you will love to see in a future post. Don’t forget to follow us like and share.
Her Touch
If one day I had to explain then that day I’d write a list,
Containing your recipe to an unforgettable kiss,
Perhaps it’s the passion when you gasp as I grip, 
or the intensity of the sensation that runs through your lips,
As you smoothed and smoothly place your hand behind my neck,
And come in closer without leaving any room for a stretch,
Mounting our bodies as if we’re tied in a net,
Without undressing me physically but drowning wet,
If your touch could be described in a word,
That word will need its own carving with water and dirt,
To grow it’s best tree of knowledge of her,
If her existence needs its own galaxy it’s on earth.

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