7 habits of highly effective people (part 2)

7 habits of highly effective people continue

Habit 2
Begin with the end in mind
To “begin with the end in mind” means to focus on what one wants to look like and feels like at the end of their personal growth journey.
  • First create in the mind’s eye and then in the physical world.
  • Remember one may carry outside influences and can become confused when developing ones own personal identity. (Example: one’s parents might instill values from their own life experience but may not valid in your own personal growth journey)
  • Lead the direction of your own personal growth then manage how you achieve desired personal growth.
  • When confronted with an obstacle keep in mind your values
  • Develop a personal mission statement (personal Constitution) with a breakdown of what you want to do, who you want to be, and the values and principles you need
  • The Circle of influence is the source of security, guidance, wisdom and power. One must work from the inside of the circle of influence out it the real world.
  • Life has many circle of influence. Asset your own center is it focus money, family, work, and church.
  • A center focus on principle (morals and values) will make decisions based on from within. Then on outside factors.
  • Constantly review, edit and update personal mission statement.
  • Connect with your visual right brain. develope it to help you affirm what you want. Exercise your right brain regularly.
  • List your identity and life missions
  • If you are involved in an organization or a family we recommend a mission statement for these area of your life.

Here are 13 points on the second habit. Comment below if you read this book any points we might have miss. Don’t forget to follow us like and share.
7 Habits Part 1

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