The HQ top songs for 2016

TGIF ladies and gentlemen tonight we share our top ten songs of 2016. These songs help us get ready to enjoy our weekends. 

The HQ can’t get enough of the Weeknd. We live all the classics on Echoes of Silence, Thursday, and House of Balloons.

Rae Sremmurd and the infamous mannequin challenge.

DJ Snake and Justin Bieber both doing their best with their creative genius. 

Drake stole the summer of 16 with this reggae inspired song.

This is the time to love.

Rihanna do we have to say anything else.(really) 
We can’t forget our Latin and Hispanic brothers and sisters.

And last but not least Calvin Harris and of course Rihanna. 

We hope these songs have you up and dancing tonight. Bring in the new year on a positive note and leave the past on the dance floor. Comment below any song you are listening to right now. Don’t forget to follow us like and share. Be safe and have fun.

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