2016 Apps that we love

As we end the year will like to share our top of list of 2016. Today, list is our must have apps to work, live and play. In no particular order, let’s jump right into it

What will the world be without Google (skynet)? Most of these apps work offline.
Chrome: We love it because it allows us to add plugins like Pocket and Pushbullet. 
YouTube: perfect for visual content (how to and entertainment) 
Sheet: Create budgets, spreadsheet, and work schedule.
Drive: Keeps PDF, Word and other file connected under your Gmail account.
Photos: Free 15g of photos and videos you can access anywhere. 
Slides: Presentation creation.
Docs: tons of templates to write out content.
Gbroad: must have to boost group text with gifs and emojis on to another level.
Keep: Note taking, list making, remind me later because I will forget.
Maps: Compass, maps, and route finder (don’t leave home without it).
Pushbullet: If you use chrome add this plugin. Allows you to send images, files, and videos on all devices with Pushbullet. Follow some channels for fun and information you have no idea you needed. 
Facebook Page: Post content and connect with others.
Instagram: visual content and community builder. 
Pinterest: Great for images, research, articles, infographics, and just about anything you can think of.
WordPress: Blogging at it’s best.
Narwhal: Reddit an online forum (on steroids) we use this app for inspiration, insights on topics, and entertainment.
SoundCloud: Listen to music, audio content and podcast. Here we get to hear new releases from artists on Top Dawg, OVO and more.
Stitcher: Listen to the latest podcast and add old ones to your listen later (when you have nothing new). Pop in and out of the recommendation and headlines section for hidden gems.
Pocket: Allows us to save articles from anywhere (PC, tablet, and phone). You can read most article offline. When doing research group articles under a tag with relevant keyword for easy access.
Mega: They give us 50g of memory just for signing up (what more do you want?). You can store any kind of file and open them on multiple devices. 
HBO Go: Life can’t be all work and no play. Catch up on all your favorite shows and movies. (G.O.T, Vice, Westworld). 
Hulu: Watch your top reality shows or sitcoms you don’t want anyone to know.
AccuWeather: gives an awesome breakdown of the day’s weather and it’s free.
Comment below any application that help you get through 2016. Don’t forget to follow us, like and share.

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