HQ cabinet of Invisible Counselors

We shared a blog post from the Art of Manliness  about the importance of having an Invisible Counsel. Here at the headquarters, we decided to share our top five members in our counsel (alive and not so alive). They come from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and span different decade of the 20th century. Here they are in no particular order.


Jay Z  Entrepreneur, Rapper,Record Producer, philanthropist, Mogul, Iconoclast, Brooklyn NY


Shawn Carter has his roots in one of the tough neighborhood here in NYC. From living on public assistance, to now running a multi million dollars company with a hand in every aspect of the hip hop culture. Jay Z reminds us at HQ through his music that anyone can build an empire even in an empirical city like New York.


Princess Diana People’s princess England


Natural Mother, teacher, wife, she still found time while performing her royal duties, to help as an activist and humanitarian. Princess Di gave her all to the homeless, people sick with HIV/AIDS, and children in need.


Warren Buffett Ceo of Berkshire Hathaway, investment guru, respected business man Omaha, Nebraska


Consider a mathematical prodigy as a young boy. Warren Buffett has pledged to give away his entire fortune to charity. Him and many wealthy people have taken this same pledge.


Mother Teresa  Founder of the Order of the Missionary of Charity Saint


Nobel Peace Prize winner for humanitarian work. Mother Teresa was influenced by her parents, who shape the person she is greatly known for. Her father was an entrepreneur, involved in church, and a political proponent of Albanian independence. Her mother instilled the love of charity work because of her pious and compassionate nature. Mother Teresa was dedicated to help poverty-stricken girls to have a fighting chance through education. She took vows to live a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Her ultimate calling was to help the poorest, sickest people with her congregation a dedicated women (most who were her pupils) until the end of her life.


Albert Einstein  Genius, Physicist


At a young age, Albert Einstein was known for being a deep inquisitor and inquire of ideas. Max Talmud a family friend (Mentor) was a informal tutor to Einstein. He enjoy studying independently (thought experiment) which in time lead him to win the Nobel Peace Prize for physics. Staying close to Princeton, his colleagues and their idea, Albert withdrew from the public spotlight in his last years.

Hopefully this list will help you decide who can be on your invisible counsel. We will love to hear from you guys who will be on your counsel. Pick three to five and give a brief summary why. Don’t forget to follow us, like and share.


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