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Habit #1 (Be Proactive)
When working with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It is taught to start with private victorious, to work on oneself from the inside-out. At the headquarters we take this to mean pouring the cement for the foundation and setting up the framework of a new house. Here at HQ we pride ourselves on working constantly being proactive (positive action which is the first habit) in our work to help others.
  • social mirror can control your personal paradigm
  • don’t blaming outside condition (genetic, environment, and psychic) for your responseĀ 
  • our greatest power is choice
  • responsible = response able
  • there is a difference between positive thinking and proactivity
  • love is a verb, love is a value that is actualized through loving action
  • proactive people work on their Circle of Influence and not as much in their Circle of Concern
  • the approach of a proactive person is to work from the inside-out
  • a proactive approach to mistake is to first correct, then learn, and finally move on
  • to make and keep commitment and promises to oneself is the first step to become a Highly Effective person
  • you can choose your response but not the consequence following your action
Here are ten points the stuck out to us from this section of the book. Comment below if we miss anything that should be on this list. Don’t forget to follow us, like, and share.

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