What is a mentor?

What is a mentor
If you search the phrase “what is a mentor” on whatever search engine you prefer. You are most likely to encounter that Mentor was a character in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey (I read this poem and I can honestly say I can’t remember this character at all). You will also find over fifty dictionary definition that will say thing like “a trusted counselor or guide” or “ a wise, loyal advisor or coach”. But here at the HQ we are going to add our own take on the big question “what is a mentor?” First let’s start with removing what in the question and replacing it with who. Here at thementorshq your mentor can be anyone alive or not so alive. This mean you can chose someone who is still in the area you need mentoring or someone who is no longer with us but left behind knowledge in the field you need mentoring in. The next thing is when and where can you find your mentor. Mentor are everywhere and anywhere. Just look around and you will see you someone who knows things that you don’t know. Why do you need a mentor? HQ believes you need a mentor because with a mentor on you team this journey would not seem so scary or impossible. Your mentors can make a difference on how and when your goal. How are you going to find this mentor? You are going to find these mentors by 1. Being someone that is mentorable (I don’t think that a word but you will understand that going forward it should be call Webster) be someone that your potential mentor will like to mentor. Show them what makes you awesome. What do you bring to the potluck? Why should they give you time and energy? Now close your eyes and think am I mentorable and who should be my mentor? 


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